Food & Nutrition

The Catering curriculum aims to help students recognise that food is a basic requirement of life and should be enjoyed, allowing them to demonstrate and apply their knowledge to planning, preparing and making various dishes. To encourage them to develop an understanding of the methods of food production and processing of our foods for human consumption.  The curriculum supports student’s awareness of social, economic and cultural aspects of food choices.  Our students will also practice good food safety and hygiene throughout their lessons.

Preparing to Cook – To introduce students to safe preparation of themselves, the cooking environment and ingredients.  Students will be able to use basic cooking skills, equipment and utensils to produce a variety of dishes.

Understanding Food – Provide students with an understanding of factors that affect food choices.  Students will be able to apply these factors when selecting and cooking dishes.

Exploring Balanced Diets – Students will understand the importance of a balanced diet, using Reference Intake (RI/Guideline Daily Amounts GDA) and how food labels can inform healthy eating.  Students will be able to change recipes to make them healthier.

Produce Dishes in Response to a Brief – This unit will give students the opportunity to bring together the learning and skills developed throughout the course to produce a menu by planning, making and reviewing their completed dishes.

We provide Aim Award qualifications that support the pupil’s learning.  We currently offer a range of courses which will enhance their ability to plan a healthy diet and to plan, prepare and produce a meal in a domestic kitchen.  They will learn the importance of Health & Safety in the kitchen and understand why personal hygiene is important to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.